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INFLUENCE OPERATIONS – A different approach

SGS and Mihail Paduraru

Within the new information war, one can notice how the collective mindset is frequently “bombarded” with terms such as disinformation and propaganda.
In order to understand how these techniques work outside of a military frame, this piece brings forward the result of an analysis whose purpose was to validate/invalidate the authors’ hypotheses, starting from a short video clip uploaded on a videosharing social network, where the moderators “argue” through a mathematical demonstration that the sum of natural numbers (N) is a rational number (Q).
The purpose of this initiative is to show the mechanism and psychological instruments that can be used, at a common-sense level, to validate a wrong reasoning, and, furthermore, for this to justify its existence through a climate of confusion and mass propagation.

Thus, one could assert that the risk that arises from these actions is represented by the propagation capacity within societies of undesirable attitudes (based on…

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